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Train To Busan 
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Train To Busan

2016 release, directed by Sang-ho Yeon

PLOT SUMMARY: A well-off fund manager, the kind of guy who puts everything aside so he can work more hours, has a showdown with his daughter, who wants to go see her mother in Busan for her birthday. "You always promise, but you lie," she says. He finally agrees to take her, to prove that he can too follow through on his promises. This proves to be a bad plan, for the sole reason that his daughter's birthday is the day of the zombie outbreak in South Korea. Sure enough, someone who's been bitten gets into the commuter train, and hijinks ensue. WILL ANYONE SURVIVE?


>> This movie combines the best features of Horror Express, World War Z and The Poseidon Adventure. The setting comes from the first of those three, obviously, although this is a slick, modern high-speed train that doesn't even have the spooky whistle to give us that extra level of atmosphere. A lot of the visuals came from the second movie on the list, and the story comes very much from the last. It's a cast of good-hearted people from all walks of life, all ages, every kind of social status, all trying to help each other survive.

>> All the acting in this movie is pitch-perfect, and as I say the roles are made up of all the random variety of people you'd expect to see on a train ride like this. There are two grandmother-aged ladies travelling together; an assortment of businessmen in nice suits with enormous cellphones held to their ears at all times; a high-school baseball team plus one school-uniformed girl who got herself added to the group as a cheerleader, so she could go on this trip with the boy she's crazy about; a big, hearty-looking man fussing over his pregnant wife; the conductor and a pretty conductress; a homeless guy who sneaked onto the train to escape the zombie outbreak, who immediately locks himself in the washroom muttering "all dead!" -- and of course this handsome young dad and his daughter, who looks all of nine years old. You will see all of them go through some serious changes before this story is over.

>> At no point did I catch myself saying, "Wow, that was pretty contrived" or "I saw that one coming." They build the suspense well and believably.

>> They make great use of the confined space of the train cars. The actors spend considerable time staring in horror at the "rioting" on the TV in every car as the train starts moving, and you know things have really gotten bad when you realize that there is so much going on, right here and right now, that you didn't realize the TV stations had gone off the air at some point and are just showing snow.

>> The zoms are excellent.

>> There's quite a bit of CGI, but it all looks good.

See this one!

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