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The Wailing 
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The Wailing

2016 release, directed by Hong-jin Na

Starring Jun Kunimura, Jung-min Hwang, Do-won Kwak and more than a few other fine actors

PLOT SUMMARY: A policeman who lives and works in a small village in Korea is called out to the scene of an unattended death -- the wife of a ginseng farmer. He finds the place swarming with emergency personnel, the house surrounded by weeping neighbors and angry relatives, and a bloodsoaked man sitting exhausted on the front steps. Everyone inside has been stabbed to death. What in the world?


>> This is the finest take on the exorcism film I have seen in many, many years. Maybe the best ever.

>> Interesting how they pit Christianity against old-school shamanism in here. The shamans are hotshot experts who inspire confidence; the priests are just sort of baffled, in an above-it-all, don't-bother-me-with-this way.

>> Great, great evildoers in here.

>> Nonpareil child actor in a major role! I didn't want to slap her once. She was brilliant and is sure to go on to bigger and better things.

>> In fact, all the acting in here was spot-on. I didn't even see a dud among the many extras in this story.

>> The police in this one -- especially the protagonist -- are nothing like American movie policemen. They spend a lot of time crying, screaming for help, and generally failing to emulate Arnold Schwarzenegger in any way.

>> I even liked the sets. You know how college students in American movies live alone in luxuriously appointed 2-bedroom condos instead of realistically jammed like sardines into one-room efficiencies? If this movie had crappy American sets, the cop would be living on a bit of an estate with a collection of classic cars. This whole story takes place in a humble village in a forested backwater of Korea, and everyone lives in a down-at-the-heel little place with a muddy driveway and dirty windows. The cop's wife squats on the back porch, doing laundry by hand in a bowl of water. No microwave! No electronic garage door opener! No garage!

>> Oh, the possessed? They were extraordinarily effective. I wouldn't want to meet one in a dark alley.

>> 2.5 hours long and felt like half an hour. It was THAT good.

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