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Phantasm V: RaVager 
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Phantasm V: RaVager

2016 release, directed by David Hartman

Starring Reggie Bannister, A. Michael Baldwin, Stephen Jutras, and a cast of enslaved dwarf dead folk!

Well, this was a surprise! I stumbled across this at the vidya store. I never knew there was a fourth Phantasm sequel. My first thought was that Angus Scrimm could not possibly be in this one, having been born 2 years before Moses. But I saw Reggie Bannister's face on the I trusted the universe and rented that bad boy.

Our first scene shows Reggie in his tattered work uniform, 4-barrelled shotgun in hand, trudging across the desert, saying he's all alone. The cold finger of fear touched my heart: I immediately interpreted this to mean that The Scrimm had, indeed, travelled to the next dimension permanently or was warehoused in a nursing home somewhere, unable to participate in this film. But then things started to go wacka-wacka in the familiar Phantasm manner and I felt better.

The Scrimm appeared in the from of stock footage from the previous installments of this franchise, and it's always good to see that guy, but I still felt that unhappy tingle of anticipatory grief. It seemed like a coded message when Reggie found himself disoriented in a wheelchair in a nursing home, not sure of the year or where he was. But then he flashed back to younger, more violent times, travelling the back roads of America in his '71 'Cuda with Mike, blasting the yellow ichor out of any flying spheres they encounter. And then he's back in the nursing home with Mike trying to reassure him that nothing bad has ever happened and that everything is safe. And then he's strapped to a table in the Tall Man's lab, being rescued by a guy who looks and sounds for all the world like a dwarf Bruce Campbell (Jutras). And then he's back in the nursing home, having a conversation with the guy in the next bed...who's THE TALL MAN. ANGUS SCRIMM.

As always, it's very hard to describe the plotline of this story because it's a Phantasm movie. But this is in some ways the unlikeliest one of them all, because it combines the familiar challenges faced by Mike and Reggie with the plot of Bubba Ho-Tep, which I have to add would be the perfect way to round out your double feature on the evening you watch this movie.

It was a supremely satisfying movie -- crazy, violent, bloody, funny and impossible to make sense of. Man, I slept like a baby after this one. Two fins up with a special barbell flick!

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