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The Jeffrey MacDonald Case 
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Although the crime happened in 1970, the case of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald is one that simply won't die. This is because it has always seemed like the exact opposite of the O.J. Simpson case. Basically, it has always seemed that an innocent man got railroaded even though the prosecution case seemed to be completely lacking. Worse, the main reason why he got convicted in the first place was that the judge prevented the defense from showing key evidence that it had to the jury.

MacDonald was convicted in 1979 with the delay between the crime and the trial coming not because of defense machinations, but because the government failed to do anything with the case. The driving force in the case that resulted in the trial was not police or prosecutors, but instead MacDonald's father in law. What happened was that after the murders of his wife, both kids and the fact that he himself was almost killed, Dr. MacDonald was able to make a successful rebound complete with a decent social life. The father in law was one of those killjoy types who thought that MacDonald had a moral obligation to remain in mourning for the rest of his life. It was just like he thought that because MacDonald refused to be miserable forever that constituted proof positive that he must be guilty of murder.

Now the MacDonald case is back in the news complete with an appeals court hearing and new evidence in the case. Hopefully, this time around justice will prevail.

For more information: ... e-accused/

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As someone who was born in 1986, seven years after the trial, I am well aware that I'm technically one of the "kids" on this board. That said, I feel I can still say this: why should I care?

Yes, it's horrible a man was railroaded, but that was the Seventies. Laws and regulations have changed quite a bit (to cite one example, calling a rape victim a slut isn't [supposed to be] a valid defense these days). It's a historical curiosity now. People still get railroaded, yes, but not like THAT.

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And it's far from clear that he WAS railroaded. The Jeffster never gets tired of shouting his innocence from the rooftops, but the evidence is very strongly against him. And this is so far from a B-Movie issue, maybe you would get better results discussing the case here or here, with my other true-crime homies.

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