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2010 release, directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton

Starring Michael Laurino, Anessa Ramsey, and Cassidy and Clark Freeman

PLOT SUMMARY: Back in 1940, the entire population of Friar, NJ went off into the woods. Only one came back alive. He was totally incoherent and unable to tell anyone what had happened. Some of the other good townspeople were found dead. Others were not found at all. Now, more than 50 years later, a researcher has finally obtained the records of the case from the shadiest government office you could ever hope to find. He gets together an expedition -- himself, his wife, two map experts, a nature survival type guy, a psychologist, and an intern (???), along with a surprise addition. After they find out that the GPS coordinates in the old records were falsified, making it impossible for them to even start their hike into the woods, a Friar, NJ gal working in the local movie theater tells them where to start walking, on the condition that she gets to go along. They reluctantly agree. Things start to get weird fast...WILL ANYONE SURVIVE?


>> Just about every face in this movie is terribly familiar to me, but I'm deuced if I've ever heard their names before and I don't recognize the titles of other movies in which they've appeared. It all adds to the unsettling aura of this movie.

>> Almost the whole story is essentially about a hike in the woods, following the hikers' progress as they get more tired, lower on provisions, and more disoriented. But this is not -- repeat, NOT -- just another Blair Witch Project yawnfest. The acting is good, the production values good, the setting visually interesting, the characters and their relationships complex, the creepiness effective, and the story makes good progress even when the hikers don't.

>> A lot of the interactions with people outside the expedition -- the townspeople of Friar, the guy at the window in the govt office -- are so unsettling that I'm irresistably reminded of Jack Torrance interacting with the ghosts in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

>> The central characters clearly have their own demons, as well, but you're hard-pressed to know as the story progresses which demons are the characters' own and which are imposed on them somehow by the weird effects of walking the Yellow Brick Road. For instance, they find a discarded hat along the trail and one of the map specialists puts it on. His wife, the other map specialist, is very creeped out by it for reasons she never explains. When she insists at last that he take it gets ugly.

>> The SFX in this movie are very simple -- mostly camera angles and added sounds -- and very, very effective. They must have cost about $75 all-inclusive. I wish other filmmakers knew how to do so much with what they have ready to hand.

I greatly enjoyed this one, and I have to say it genuinely disturbed me. I recommend it.

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