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Game Review: The Elder Scrolls Online 
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The Elder Scrolls was originally a series of single-player
role-playing games. Since they were a huge success, the
powers that be at Bethesda Softworks decided that now was
the time to transform their game into a massively multiplayer online
game so as to reap the big bucks. Big Mistake.

What happened was that they made their massively multiplayer online
game in such a way that it plays much better when your character is wandering
through the game world as a lone hero. When your character is interacting with
other characters, that's when the game gets buggy and frustrating.

Prior to the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda
Softworks produced a single player game called Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls is a lot
like Skyrim, but with less action/adventure. Apparently, Bethesda thought
that with more players, there would be less need for the game to challenge the

When you generate your character, you don't just choose your race and
class. You also pick which one of the three factions in the game that are vying
for supremacy. These factions are the the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, or
the Ebonheart Pact.

One of the worst aspects of The Elder Scrolls Online is its chat
system. It has been shown in other games that text-based chat works
best. However, Bethesda decided that it would be "cool" to have voice based
chat despite the problems that other games have had. This game has fared no
better than other attempts at voice based chat, and the staff has failed to
make any real improvements. All they ever do is make promises to improve the voice
chat despite the fact that the players have repeatedly asked for text based chat.
This is a game that desperately needs text based chat, yet the game staff refuse to even so
much as consider adding it.

The problem with the voice based chat is that the channel is full
of static and background noise. This in turn leads to players muting chat, hindering
communication. What the game staff needs to do is make the chat text-only. However, they
have not shown even so much as the slightest inclination to even so much as consider

Another problem is that the game systems work against positive player
interaction. This makes the game that much less enjoyable.

One of the worst aspects of this game is that even after two major
patches, the game still suffers from numerous glitches. Another problem is that you can
easily spend at least half your playing time on managing your inventory.

There’s a lot of fetching, horses that are way too expensive, pets don’t do anything, and you spend at least half your time
managing your inventory.

There are far better games available, so you don't need to be wasting
you time and money on The Elder Scrolls Online.

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