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The House Bunny (2008) 
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The House Bunny is a good example of a modern day fluffy comedy.
Certainly, its script is well thought out and executed to be a barrel full of laughs for its intended teenage
audience. The House Bunny is a flick that includes Hugh Hefner,the Playboy Mansion and a Playboy
Magazine centerfold photo shoot in addition to other unusual ingredients for a comedy. In the hands of
most directors, this would be the mix for a tasteless piece of trash. However, under the direction of Fred
Ward, The House Bunny is a well Done comedy that actually veers on the verge of being a comedy for the
whole family.

The House Bunny stars Anna Faris as Shelley Darlingson,
A qunitessentially dumb blonde Playboy Playmate who gets kicked out
of the Playboy Mansion by Hugh Hefner himself. Darlingson winds up
homeless and wanders around without a clue as to where she is or
what she wants to do. Eventually, she meets some members of the
local Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority. This local sorority house is in
particular danger of losing its charter due to a lack of recruiting
new pledges. In a rare display of initiative, Shelley offers her
services as a "housemother" for the goofy sorority sisters. The
girls hire her and soon Darlingson's bubbly optimism
and ability to make homely girls beautiful make Zeta Alpha Zeta the
hottest sorority on campus.

Shelley Darlingson's chief helper in this sorority house makeover is Natalie (Emma Stone) who begins
the movie as a rather awkward sorority sister. Under Darlingson's guidance, Natalie blossoms into a flower
of beauty and competence. The other girls are all interesting characters with the pregnant Harmony
(Katharine McPhee)being the most hilarious. As a group, the girls all have the same problem in that they
are all pretending to be what other folks want them to be like instead of being themselves. Shelley teaches
them to be true to themselves and to be themselves.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of The House Bunny is the stunning performance of lead actress
Anna Faris who previously played the role of Cindy Campbell in all four installments of the Scary Movie
series, as well as other movies and guest roles in TV series, without ever hitting the big time. This is
because most of her pre-House Bunny roles were as just plain dumb blondes. In other words, Faris's
previous roles were basically one dimensional versions of Shelley
Darlingson. In The House Bunny, Faris showed that she was capable of both
being your basic dumb blonde, but also of playing a much more nuanced
character who is also capable of leadership.

While Anna Faris is surprisingly effective, that cannot be said for
the rest of the acting. Other than Faris, the most effecive actor
is Colin Hanks in the role of Shelley Darlingson's boyfriend
Oliver. Of the remaining acting talent,both Emma Stone and
Katharine McPhee are nice in their roles while Hugh Hefner was just
being himself. The rest of the acting ranged from average
to pretty bad.

Despite the inconsistent acting, most of the remaining aspects of
the movie were fairly decent. The work of director Fred Ward was
good and the cinematography was crisp. The House Bunny is a
surprisingly good movie. The script was aimed at a teenage
audience and it succeeds at creating a movie that is very funny
by the undemanding standards of teenage audiences. The best
line in the flick was "You're 27? That's like 59 in Bunny years."
A great deal of what the producers intended as being humor
is of the sexual innuendo variety. For instance, Shelley refers
to one's eyes as being "the nipples of the face."

Had the filmmakers based this movie's humor around the
characters and the situations that they are in, The House Bunny
could have been just as funny, but it would also have been a comedy
for the entire family. Just why they did not follow this route is
subject to speculation, but it would appear that the movie makers
felt that including the likes of Hugh Hefner and the Playboy milieu
made this movie "sexy" and if you have a "sexy" movie, then you
should not go for the clean stuff.

In the end, The House Bunny is a surprising movie. It works well
for the teenage audience that it was made for. It does have a strong, positive message for its targeted
teenage audience. The lead actress gives the best performance of her career thus far and director Fred
Ward has a strong movie on his resume. This is a movie well worth considering going to the theater for.

Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:22 am
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Fornax wrote:
The best line in the flick was "You're 27? That's like 59 in Bunny years."

That reminds me a story I heard while listening to a podcast about Deathstalker. Apparently Hugh Hefner asked one of the Deathstalker girls (Lana Clarkson or Barbi Benton) out, and she responded, "I've never dated anyone older than 22." Hefner's response was, "Neither have I."

I wrote a book!

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Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:11 pm
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Fornax wrote:
As a group, the girls all have the same problem in that they
are all pretending to be what other folks want them to be like instead of being themselves. Shelley teaches
them to be true to themselves and to be themselves.

Isn't that kind of the exact opposite of what being a Playboy Bunny is all about?

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Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:05 pm
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Maybe that's why the character got kicked out by Hefner? (Haven't seen it, so that's just speculation.)

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