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Queen of the Damned (2002) 
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Throughout the history of Hollywood, studios that produce movies that
make a mockery of the works that they are ostensibly based on almost
always turn out to be losers at the box office. This is because the
originals worked and the alterations done to them by the filmmakers
generally do not work. However, Hollywood never learns and it continues
to buy up movie rights only to trash the original works in the course of
making the movie. One such flick of recent vintage is 2002’s Queen of the Damned.

Queen of the Damned is a sequel to the wildly successful flick Interview With The Vampire that was based on a novel of the same name by Anne Rice. Unlike the first movie, the makers of Queen of the Damned decided to make their flick based on two different Anne Rice novels. This decision was made despite the fact that both novels were quite lengthy and each of them could have been the basis for great movies. They also refused to let Rice have anything to do with either writing the script or making the movie. The filmmakers also horribly mangled the story. Also, the movies were made in such a way that hardly anybody who was not familiar with the novels could have had any real idea of just what was going on.

This raises the question of just whom was their target audience. No
true Anne Rice fans could have liked this movie due to the cinematic
trashing of two of their favorite novels. Did the flick makers really
believe that Anne Rice fans secretly lusted for a poorly made movie that
severely screwed up the story?

Queen of the Damned suffers from under-developed characters, plot holes, and the fact that it just simply does not make a whole lot of sense. That is not really surprising, since the director has done nothing but bad movies, as have the two writers. If the screenplay had followed the book in any real way, the film would have been of an epic nature. However, the studio was primarily interested in making a blockbuster, not a masterpiece. The end result was bad movie with a story that makes no sense, and actors who are only mediocre at best. The special effects are anything but special.

The departures from the two original novels of Anne Rice that were
combined by the filmmakers into Queen of the Damned include the

*Maharet is a twin. In Rice’s works, she has an identical twin
sister, Mekare. The twins can both see and talk to ghosts. This is a very
important fact regarding how Akasha was made into a vampire.

*Akasha was not African. In the books, Akasha was originally a princess
of Uruk, a city in what is now Iraq before she was made into a vampire.
Akasha would have been Middle Eastern looking, not black.

*Marius did not turn Lestat into a vampire. In Rice’s writings, Lestat
was turned into a vampire by Magnus. Marius did play an important role
in Lestat’s later life as a vampire.

*Jesse was not a cool chick in her twenties who was turned into a
vampire by Lestat. Actually, she was in her thirties and was turned
into a vampire by Mael.

Queen of the Damned takes so many liberties with Rice’s work, it really cannot be seen as a legitimate film version. On top of that, these liberties do nothing to make it a good movie. Instead they are invariably inferior to what Rice originally had in her novels. Henceforth, Queen of the Damned cannot be recommended.

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Wasn't it supposed to be a star vehicle for Aleyah who then was tragically killed in a plane crash shortly after filming wrapped up?

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Easy E wrote:
Wasn't it supposed to be a star vehicle for Aleyah who then was tragically killed in a plane crash shortly after filming wrapped up?

Principal photography was completed before her death, but she had not yet actually performed any ADR redubbing for her character. Michael Rymer called in Aaliyah's brother, Rashad Haughton, to help with overdubbing her voice following her death due to their similar voices, special vocal technology was also used to make his voice sound more feminine.

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Wow, that's a trippy bit of film trivia. Sad that this was everyone's last glimpse of Aaliyah, in a movie everyone agreed was a dog among dogs. Sort of like George Sanders's final appearance in Psychomania.

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