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Johnny Sokko! 
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If anyone has access to Hulu and hasn't already seen this series, you should immediately get on there and start watching. I can totally see why so many people who saw this as kids look back so fondly on it. It's almost the Platonic ideal of a kid's show; I can only imagine how much young Rev. would've loved this had he seen it. What kid wouldn't want to be the only person who could control a giant, nigh-unbeatable robot who does little ritual poses before each attack and has a head like the Sphinx, and have to fly around the world in said robot's hand (or with their own personal jetpack) to fight one of the more eclectic collections of kaiju out there? The only downside is you'd be Johnny Sokko, with Giant Robot, working for Unicorn; and you're battling the Gargoyle Gang, led by Emperor Guillotine from the planet Gargoyle, and his henchmen Dr. Botanus and Spider, who have monsters with names like Nucleon, Iron Jawbone, and the Gargoyle Vine. It's even worse if you use some of the original Japanese names; the group was Big Fire, the one henchman was Dr. Over, and the monsters listed were Globar, Iron Power, and the Satan Rose.

Oh, sure, as an adult I have to regularly ignore lapses in logic; I've found myself muttering, "What the hell? Why/how did they do/not do (fill in the blank)?" at least twice an episode. More than once the bad guys had Johnny at their mercy and didn't just shoot him in the head. (I know, I know.) People walk into obvious traps like they're Space Ghost or Birdman. However, I'm finding it easy to quickly let that stuff go and just get ready for Giant Robot to kick some monster ass. Or for a bunch of people to be machine gunned/blown up/killed by a rampaging monster. No blood at all, obviously, but the body count in this show, not even counting the people who no doubt died in crumbling buildings, is crazy. Also, Johnny comes off like an actual kid. He's impetuous and can be petulant or whiny, but when the chips are down he straightens up and gets to business. I didn't find him annoying, which I was very relieved by, as we know how often that can happen with kids in movies/shows.

I immediately got the series on DVD after watching it and plan to watch it again soon. It's just a hell of a lot of fun all around. HIGHLY recommended. Even if you have found some of the Ultra series kind of boring (which I don't relate to, but can understand), this thing should keep you entertained throughout.

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I know of this, but never really watched it. I'm a huge fan of Giant Robo: The Animation, a 7-part series which is loosely based on the same manga it spun from (the guy, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, also created Gigantor, and a whole bunch of other stuff) and crosses it with wuxia and The Ring of Nibelung to create this big, crazy epic. It's a classic.

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Ah, memories! Years ago at another job I mentioned Johnny Sokko to a client; he immediately turned his hat around backwards and started talking urgently into his watch.

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