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Can you identify an obscure 19th century author for me? 
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OK, this is an odd one.

I have finished reading a collection of literary spoofs by Bret Harte. I can identify which authors he's mocking except one. Sometimes it's pretty obvious. ("R-DY-D K-PL-G" is clearly Rudyard Kipling, for example.) Sometimes I had to do some educated guessing. (I was able to figure out that "CH-S R-DE" was the forgotten author Charles Reade.)

One defeats my efforts to decipher it. Here it is: ... borem.html

If anybody out there can tell me who "E. N---s- W--t---t" is supposed to be, let me know. (I can't even think of a common surname that would fit that pattern.)

EDIT: Never mind! By searching for an old review of Harte's little book of parodies, I was able to figure out that "Dan'l Borem" is a take-off on David Harum by Edward Noyes Westcott.

Thanks anyway!

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