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Video Games: Overclocked 
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I don't do video games, but sometimes I look at they way they work on Internet Archive. The last one that interested me was "LA Noire," with its nifty detailed 1940's setting. The lastest one is "Grim Fandango," which has a fascinating setting, blending Mexican-American/Day of the Dead culture with the Aztec afterlife and a film noir feeling, along with comedy and a lot of just plain weirdness.

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Mon May 16, 2016 3:02 pm
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Grim Fandango is great! Though it came out well before my time (it was recently re-released as a remastered version on all platforms) I was really wowed by just how clever it was, and I can see why it was so well-regarded. Just a great sense of style, memorable characters, and heaps of witty, well-acted dialogue.

My only problem was that the puzzles really showed their age. I'm a real novice to the classic "point and click" genre, and many of the solutions just felt way too "clever" and counter-intuitive. Nonetheless, there were plenty of times where even when I was stymied, I just had to go "That's amazing, how did they come up with that"? One involving setting off a metal detector by ingesting a bottle of gold-flake liqueur comes to mind.

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