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The Rules of the B-Movie Message Board 
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Rescued from the old installation. Feel free to review them!

GREETINGS! And welcome to the Bad Movie Message Board (BMMB) team. We here at Stomp Tokyo are always looking for fresh blood to inject into our thriving electronic metropolis of cinephiles, and we’re excited to have you aboard. But before you begin posting, there are a few rules and guidelines you need to know, in order to ensure that your experience here will be rewarding.

• Non-movie-related discussions belong in the Off-Topic Forum: The Stomp Tokyo Coffeehouse is for movie-related threads only. Off-topic threads that begin in the wrong forum will be moved to the correct forum by a moderator.

• Respect Your Fellow Board Members: We understand that you’re passionate about your movies. Why else would you be here? But it’s important to remember that opinions are not facts and people are not targets.

Flames of any sort will not be permitted. If you feel that someone is attacking you personally, do not respond to the attack on the board and risk getting a warning yourself; instead, use the helpful "Report This Post" link, prominent on all of the board’s posts, in order to get the attention of a moderator who will handle the situation.

• Keep Profanity to a Minimum: a board that discusses at length the works of Jess Franco and Takashi Miike will never be exactly "family friendly," but in order to keep up the veneer of civilized discourse, we politely insist that posters use the English language in its entirety and not just lock in on a few of its more pungent phrasings. There is a profanity filter which replaces certain words, but do not take this as an invitation to fill your musings with "####s" and "####s." If the filter starts to sob whenever you log in, we have a problem. A few mild epithets here and there are fine. Trying to outcurse a Scorsese gangster picture is not.

Circumventing the profanity filters with creative spelling is frowned upon and may be cause for action.

• Unsolicited mail of a commercial nature or obvious "chain letter" communications between members is strictly prohibited. No one likes to get spam in any form and the use of the board software to drum up business or promote chain letter schemes will not be tolerated. Offenders will be given a warning pip upon the first instance of spamming. Particularly egregious offenders may be banned without warning.

Please note that this is different from simply announcing an update to your movie-related web site or posting DVD deals to the Trading Post -- certain promotional messages are appropriate within certain forums. Please refer to the rules of those forums or check with a moderator before you post if you're not sure.

If you conduct business with other members of the board and you exchange real world "snail mail" addresses, please keep that information to yourself and do not pass it on to other members. The only address you should give out is your own.

• Think Before You Post: The BMMB is a place for polite, thoughtful discourse. This includes a reasoned discussion of movies, themes, movie-makers, even occasionally literature and music. It does not include ravings or personal attacks against anyone, present or not. Just because Director Smith’s latest opus was wanting doesn’t mean you can post a twelve paragraph manifesto threatening his children, accusing him of various illicit sexual acts involving barn animals, and calling for him to skinned and devoured by nuns. Occasional outbursts like this can be amusing, but in the long run they are tiresome and show a lack of maturity and imagination. It is much more satisfying to pan a movie for its shallow characterizations, offensive dialogue, horrid special effects and abysmal acting, than to engage in the meaningless character assassination of a person you won’t remember in a month.

Abusing other people with personal attacks or ugly language -- whether they are members of this community or not -- is as inappropriate here as it is in other aspects of public life. If you find yourself name-calling or otherwise impugning anyone else's character, please resist the temptation to hit the "post" button.

• No Serious Discussion of Politics, Religion or (tee-hee) Sex: We’re not saying you aren’t capable of having such discussions. More that such discussions, even if started with the best of intentions, tend to lead towards loudness and the shouting with the insults and the hurt feelings and oy lady! Ahem. Honestly, there are places online where you can have these discussions. This just isn’t one of them. These threads will be closed, and their originators will be warned.

The BMMB operates on a "Five Strikes, You’re Out" system, as represented by yellow "warning pips" below a member’s name. (You may also see these referred to as the "Post-It Notes of Death.") If a member repeatedly ignores the gentle proddings of the moderators to change his behavior on the board, the five-pip warning system will go into effect. Upon the fifth pip, the member will be banned from posting on the B-Movie Message Board.

This may seem a tad Draconian, but you’ll find in practice that these rules aren’t hard to live by. Follow the wisdom of two great sages: Be excellent to one another. Everything else should just follow naturally.

Oh, and we almost forgot:


It’s just common sense, people.

BMMB Rules version 1.3 - May 5 2005

Last Updated: May 05 2005,9:06

Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:15 am
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Joined: Thu Jan 17, 2002 8:39 pm
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Some of these rules are quaintly out of date (the current version of the board doesn't support warning pips, for instance) and will have to be revisited.

More on this later.

Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:19 am
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