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Movie books and stuff - Looking to get rid of some old stuff 
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Howdy folks,

I have been looking round the old abode and finding that it is filled to busting with stuff, so I am looking to rid myself of some of my books and things, and figured some of you fine folks at the BMMB might be interested in some of them. Here they are:

Hong Kong Action Cinema by Bey Logan

I really liked this book. Very informative and interesting book, although out of date now.

The Essential Jackie Chan Sourcebook by Jeff Rovin and Kathy Tracy

This book is a little weak in some ways, but still includes a lot of interesting information, and includes information about a vast selection of Chan films, including some of the more obscure entries.

Giant Monster Movies by Robert Marrerro

Absolutely atrocious book--see my review on Toho Kingdom for further evidence. Still, it's almost hilariously bad, and there are some nice pictures.

Hot Blooded Dinosaur Movies by James Van Hise

Decent book on mostly old-school dinosaur films. Entire chapter on King Kong gets to be a bit much (or at least was for me, after reading a million other books celebrating the same), but it's not bad.

The Making of Godzilla


Yeah, so I picked this book up for something like a buck at Hastings. If any of you have an inkling to read the story behind GINO, here's your chance.

I might throw a few more up here after I finish reading them. Oh, and anyone interested in The Werewolf Principle by Clifford Simak? I think I have one of the original printings from the 1960s; anyway, it's an old version I picked up at a book sale once. The book's not bad, if you like classic science fiction stuff.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, PM me with what you would be willing to pay. (Heh, if you are willing to pay--I realize a couple of these are stinkers.) Or any other transaction, although I am just trying to get rid of stuff, so I don't really want to trade for stuff. All these books are in pretty good shape--I have an aversion to dog ears except when they're attached to dogs, and I hate writing in my books, so none of them have any writing in them, except Simak's novel because the previous owner wrote her name inside. Thanks, you all!

Mon May 11, 2009 8:30 pm
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